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About Impressa

Magical hands on your face for a mesmerizing result.

Enhance your round face with one of these flattering and marvelous styles. Be prepared to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin after trying one of these!

What we do

Let the beauty prompt out of you.

Boost your shoulder-length hair to the next level by getting a fresh look. This list has some of the most impressive haircuts of the season. Here you will find some feathering, tousles, purple hair color, and even a multi-colored lob!

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A young girl with long hair and big earrings.
A woman with purple hair and a black top
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Our Commitment

Find Your Style With Us

Each stylist has their specialty, and through continuing education, can accommodate most requests Embrace your naturally curly hair. Check out these smoking-hot curly styles that will probably never, ever go out of style!



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