Now that we are shut in, how will we use our time? I see this time as a much needed rest. As a business owner, life can get rather busy and hectic, not to mention exhausting. I found myself physically drained so for me this came at a good time; however, with great uncertainty and it’s own level of stress. How are you doing with the stress of it all? Well…I have some beauty secrets that will hopefully get us through this up hill climb.


1. When was the last time you spent the day pampering yourself? Now that some of us are working from home, that 1 hour lunch can turn into a 1 hour bubble bath and relax, or even a power nap.


2. Maybe you have the time to start that veggie garden you’ve been thinking about. It’s very easy to start, just a few herbs and a couple of veggie plants and you’re all set. It will give you something to do and when you harvest your crop, it’s very rewarding.


3.Beauty secrets are so much fun and you can be very creative with them. There’s no right or wrong. Do you Boo. Try a new facial mask that you can make from ingredients that are in your pantry. Don’t have a recipe, youtube is full of them. Here’s one to get you started. Green clay and Orange toning Mask: In a small bowl put 2 tsps green clay powder. Add the grated orange zest and freshly squeezed juice of the orange, stir it up to a paste, add some water if need be. The clay is an excellent skin purifier, and the orange tones the pores. This mask is for oily or combination skin for dry skin substitute the orange with yogurt and honey. All these beauty secrets will jump start your creativety. There you have it…try it Smooches

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