Ok we’re having to do somethings a little different. We can maintain beautiful in spite of all that’s going on. First things first:

1. Get plenty of rest, the body repairs itself while we’re sleeping.

2. Drink plenty of water, our hair will get dry and brittle if we don’t give it the hydration it’s needs.

3. Keep your hair braided in a updo style, this will help with the gravity. Hair that is locked when the new growth gets to long, it can’t support the weight of the shaft of the lock which will cause breakage. So keep the hair up.

4. Ok you can’t braid, the next best thing is to wrap it up. The beautiful scarfs that are collecting dust, time to bring them out and wrap your hair. This can add extra cuteness to your outfit and no one will know you’re having a bad hair day.

5. Eat healthy, just because we’re locked in doesn’t mean we can pig out. Eat whole foods, eat the color of the rainbow.

6. Get exercise, go for a walk, ride a bike do something to keep moving. It will also help you sleep better.

There you have it….try it Smooches


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